Welcome to Fjällbacka

A village so unique it has something for everyone.

Camilla Läckberg was born here and all her books are about murders in this lovely fishing village. Terrible and true? No of course not, it’s only in the books. 9 thrillers so far and more to come.

Ingrid Bergman recharged her batteries on the beautiful island of Dannholmen outside Fjällbacka . She even chose it as her final resting place.

One of the major inventions of TetraPac started here.

You will find the world’s best shellfish in our restaurants and fish shop.

Fjällbacka is a place to recharge your batteries, explore your creativity, Tanum’s county has more artists than any other place in Sweden except Stockholm. The shellfish is served at Nobel dinners and royal weddings.

I do not exaggerate; this is one of the world’s most beautiful places!

Fjällbacka guides will show you the best of Fjällbacka.

Fjällbacka Guider